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What are your Daily Routine Priorities?

All this turtle wants to do, all day every day, is catch that stupid carrot on a stick.

One thing that constantly fascinates me about WoW is how everyone gets something different out of the game. Some of us really love raiding or running dungeons, others have fun hunting for achievements, some have a grand time playing the auction house, and for some players, questing and learning the lore is the optimal gameplay.

And depending on what we like to do, we tend to prioritize our limited gameplay time to fit in as many of our favorite aspects as possible. And because of the way that Blizzard has smartly created a focus on doing certain things once a day, whether that be for daily quests, your first random heroic, or trying for an achievement in a particular heroic. And because there are so many things that we can do once per day (per toon), that leads many of us to developing daily routines.

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I Need How Many Champion's Seals?!

Better Get Used To This View... Better Get Used To This View... The Argent Tournament has become a big part of my daily routine.  Thanks to the clusters of quests and little downtime between them, it's a perfect place to begin my day collecting coin.  Then there's the added bonus of the "new hotness" content, helping me finish up my Exodar reputation, new Achievements (yes, I said Achievements), and most important, non-combat pets!  It's these little useless critters that have kept me returning to the Argent Tournament grounds day after day. It didn't hit me until recently that I would be a staple at the tent for the foreseeable future.  Originally, I was striving for the pets and the Argent Hippogryph, but that all changed when I calculated the amount of badges, therefore days, I would need to hand over to the quartermasters.  450 Champion's Seals for everything.  At a maximum of 5 seals per day, Solidsamm would become less of a staple and more of an Argent Tournament member!  We are talking 90 days, three months for all of this stuff.  Deep breath.  At least we receive 50 Seals from Championing all the factions, dropping that number to 400 and only 80 days.  God forbid I wanted to get some of the mounts... The aforementioned benefits help ease the pain, but they will only last for so long.  I've been picking up Champion's Writ instead of the sack of coin to move Exodar's rep along faster.  Around the same time I finish Exodar's rep grind, I will be completing the last Valiant challenge for my final faction (Ironforge).  At that point, I will lose the additional income of 50+ gold a day from those quests.  Sure, I may have 10,000 gold already, but the easy income offsets the monotony.  With the vanity pets soon to become the only driving force for my participation in the tournament, I doubt they'll all be by my side quickly.  Hmm, perhaps I should just sell them to the horde for thousands of gold... I'm lucky enough to have Naxxramas and solid crafted gear, so I did not waste Seals on other things.  How has the Argent Tournament been treating you?  Anyone crazy enough to try to collect all of the mounts?  What's an additional 2700 gold, 225 Seals and another 45 days in the grand scheme of things, right? Oh, and this should be the first Achievement section - outside of Northrend's exploration - that I finish in its entirety.

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